Sermons on “Matthew”

Which god do you serve?

It is so easy to allow ourselves to fall into worshiping false gods of our culture and age…

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Easter Sunday – Power to Change Your Life

Today, on Easter Sunday, we celebrate! Jesus is alive, and through His resurrection, we come alive to His power to change our lives and to transform each one of us into a new creation.

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Palm Sunday: Above & Beyond

The events of Palm Sunday, often referred to as Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, are recorded in all four of the Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. That repetition in Scripture shows us that this event was very important! It marked what we often think of as the beginning of Jesus’s journey to the cross. Jesus’s purpose was part of a much bigger plan established before the creation of the world. It went far above and beyond what the people there that first Palm Sunday knew.

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