Our Mission

The mission of First Baptist Church is to develop missionary disciples who worship God, grow spiritually, and share the Gospel and their spiritual gifts.

WORSHIP – Our lives are made to glorify God and recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We love God by glorifying him through obedience and showing others what Jesus is like in our words and actions.

GROW – Developing Disciples, Spiritual Growth & Maturity, Fellowship. We love each other as we mature to become more like Jesus and we help disciple each other to grow and mature spiritually. We do this through intentional fellowship and living life involved in each other’s lives.

SHARE – Called to share the Good News of the Gospel and God’s love with our community & the world and to share our spiritual gifts and abilities. We love our local community and communities around the world by serving them and sharing the Gospel with them. God places believers together in local churches to be part of a living body each doing one or more parts.

Biblical Definition of Love


Wanting best for other person

Love is an action – obeying God

Habakkuk 3

Can I trust God when everything seems to be going wrong?

The answer is in Hab. 3:18, yet I will rejoice in the Lord. I will find joy in the God of my salvation. God is my strength. He watches over my steps.

Take Homes

Do you have a daily time of reading God’s Word and talking to Him? Are you encouraging others in your family to do this?

A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent   BOOK LINK

Bible Reading Plans   LINK

Do you bring your worries to Him or do you try to tackle them yourself?

Do you value your salvation and consider what God has done regularly?

Is Sunday worship with the church a priority in your life or just when it’s convenient?

Maybe you are willing to be active in the worship service? Reading Scripture, getting involved in music, sharing announcements and prayer. Talk to Sarah next week or send her a text or email. The address is right there in the bulletin.

Jesus said the most important thing to do is love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. In our Gospel Treason class, Brad Bigney (LINK) said we are all made to worship God but many people worship anything and everything but God. As believers, we need to make sure that God is the one we love most. He is the one we go to first with our joy, our pain, our needs, everything.