Attitudes for Ministry

Scripture: Mark 9:30-41


How many of you are Pride & Prejudice fans? If you like great drama and romance there are plenty of movie and mini-series versions and spin-offs out there of this classic Jane Austin novel – including Pride & Prejudice and Zombies a few years ago. If you want to save watching all of these movies or reading the 432 page book, I’ll give you the plot summary without ruining the story line. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
If you are going to be a follower of Jesus Christ – pride and prejudice have no place in your life. Jesus was the ultimate example of humility and compassion. That’s what he is calling his disciples to in our message today and that is what he calling you to.


As we continue our series: The Crown & The Cross sermon, Mark’s Gospel shows Jesus as a man with a clear message and mission, and the reader is called to actively response to the message.
In the first half of Mark the emphasis was on Jesus as Messiah the King who deserved a crown. Now in the second half the focus is on Jesus preparing for His life’s mission to suffer and die on the cross – and to rise from the dead.
Last week, Dan shared how the disciples could not cast out a demon without faith and prayer. Today, we see the disciples struggling with pride and learning from Jesus what the right attitudes for ministry really are.

Our parallel passages are in


so you might want to put a book mark there. You can turn to

Messiah’s Mission (vv. 30-32)

Who is Greatest? (vv. 33-37)

For Us or Against Us? (vv. 38-41)

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