Scripture: Mark 10:1-16

Pharisees’ Test

Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?

Jesus’ Response

• What did Moses command you?
• God’s Original Marriage Plan from Genesis 2
• Mystery of Marriage & the Gospel from Ephesians 5

Disciples Questions

• Jesus’ answer indicates they may have asked about remarriage
• Matt 19:10 question is about marriage in general

Jesus’ Response

• If you divorce your spouse and remarry you commit adultery
• Matt 19:9 sexual immorality disclaimer
• Goal is reconciliation

Children’s Example

• Disciples were stopping parents from bringing children to Jesus
• Jesus was mad!
• Come to God like a child – humbly with open hands

Take Aways

I did not cover all of the passages related to marriage and divorce in the Bible. I focused on the text in Mark and the parallel passage in Matthew. There are more Scripture passages (like

teaching about marriage to an unbeliever and related topics like divorce, forgiveness, reconciliation and more. If you or someone else has been hurt or affected by divorce please show grace and love at all times. Outsiders usually don’t have all the clear facts or information, so don’t be quick to judge or condemn. This is not in any way the unforgivable sin, although some churches act that way.

Have you come to God as a child? Recognizing that you are helpless, unable to save yourself, and totally dependent on the mercy and grace of God? God calls us to repent of our sin, accept Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection as payment for our sin, and choose Jesus as Lord of your life. That begins a relationship with God that is secure forever.
If you are already a child of God, when you are hurting or need help and direction, go to God your heavenly Father who listens and cares for His children and will never leave them alone.
If you are currently married, will you recommit to your wedding vows to love, cherish, and care for your spouse as long as you live? Will you do something with me? Hold your spouse’s hands and say “I do forever and ever.”
If you are struggling in your marriage, come get help. We offer free biblical counseling to our church and community. Don’t try to go it alone, no matter how far gone you think you may be.
If you have been divorced, consider the opportunities you have to serve God as a single person.
If you are planning to get married soon or sometime in the future. Before you take that step, recognize that God’s Marriage Plan is forever. Even though our culture has made it relatively easy to end your marriage, commit to a lifetime together if God calls you to be married. You have the opportunity to demonstrate the mystery of Jesus amazing eternal love for his bride and our response in obedience to Him.