Scripture: Mark 10:32-52

The Wrong Question  (vv. 32-34)

Jesus, will you give us whatever we ask?

Servant of All  (vv. 35-45)

Servant Leaders who are willing to do the lowest tasks are needed in God’s Kingdom.

The Ransom  (v. 45)

Ransom in Jesus’ times was the payment to get out of jail. Jesus paid the ransom for us.

The Right Question  (vv. 46-52)

Jesus will you heal and save me?

Take Aways

James and John asked the wrong question because they were thinking wrongly about Jesus. They asked: Jesus, what can you do for us?
Bartimaeus asked the right question because he knew his physical and spiritual needs. He asked: Jesus, will you heal me and save me?
Have you recognized your spiritual blindness, your need to repent of your sins and asked Jesus to save you?
God’s typical pattern for raising up leaders is to first see them serve before they lead. Think of the great OT leaders like Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David. Or the new testament men like Timothy and Titus and of course our Lord Jesus himself.
If you think you were meant to lead, are you willing to serve? God’s kingdom is looking for men and women who will humbly serve in the small things before they grow to greater responsibility. servant leaders willing help others, appreciate other’s value and contributions, and realize they are not above any job themselves. They are not jealous of another’s gifts, but are happy to see others serving and being thanked.
The first will be last and the last will be first. Are you willing to be last?