Easter Sunday Love Reigns

Scripture: Matthew 27 & 28


He is Risen!  Happy Easter everyone. Today we join with churches from all across the world, and throughout the centuries, in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It WAS the love of God that sent Jesus to earth, to offer himself as a sacrifice on the cross to forgive the world of its sins. And it IS the love of God that continually offers us new life through this risen Savior. So, today we celebrate. Today we worship the risen Lord, Jesus!

If you’re from my generation, or you just like the awesome 80’s, you may recall Huey Lewis and the News singing about the Power of Love. Some people underestimate love as a just a second-hand emotion, but it actually may be the most powerful force on earth. The men in the room may be able to relate to the kind of things that love drove them to do in order to win the hearts of their girlfriends or wives. Love makes us write poetry, watch romantic movies, sing epic songs, pass on tickets to the game so we can keep a date, change our hairstyle, wear different clothes. We’ll do just about anything. How many of these were you guilty of?

Love is the driving force behind our sacrificial actions for our spouse, our family and our friends. We will gladly pay any price in order to demonstrate how just much we care. Love is powerful, and it moves us to do amazing things. Before there was ever an Easter Sunday, there was a Good Friday. Before there was a resurrection, first there had to be a death. And that was about all about love.

Only One King

If Jesus is dead, then none of this matters, but if he is rose from the dead, then that changes everything! He is the ultimate King of kings. When Jesus is on the throne of our lives, His love reigns instead. His authority is the one we follow.

Love Overcame Death

Jesus’ resurrection confirmed his word was true. Though many doubted him and mocked him, death did not have the last word and final say. Love did. This is the real power of love! Scripture tells us this is true in one of the most famous passages in the Bible.

Let Love Reign in You

Jesus’ love reigns or controls my life because he died to give me eternal life. My life is no longer all about me. I am no longer the one fighting for control over myself and everything around me. I am living for him and so that others would know him too.

Three Place or Choices

  1.  Trust Jesus as your Savior
  2. Come back to your Father
  3. Give God full reign in your heart