What About Stewardship?

I have a feeling that stewardship is one of those areas that we don’t pay adequate attention to. When stewardship is discussed among Christians it is usually from the perspective of raising funds for the church budget. While that is certainly an aspect of stewardship, it is so much more.

In Luke 19 we read about the parable of the minas where 10 slaves were each given 1 mina to put to work until the masters return. On his return he found the first servant took his mina, put it to work and now had 10 mina. The master praised and rewarded the servant. The same with the second servant who had earned 5 mina. But another servant, who took his mina and buried it, was scolded and had his mina taken away and given to another.

This parable perfectly describes the attitude we are to take when it comes to stewardship.  Like the master in the parable, God has gifted up with not only money but also time, talents, skills, and abilities.  However, those things are not ours.  They ultimately belong to God and he has given them to us in order to use to further His work.

In addition to the things we have talked about God has also given us His Word and wonderful teachers of it.  Through those teachings, Bible study, and prayer He has equipped us to “invest” the treasures.  We are not called to bury these treasures but to put them to work so that the treasures increase in the form of the Gospel being spread and more and more people being brought to salvation until that time when we can stand in front of the Lord as He says “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

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