Thanksgiving Countdown for Families – or Anyone!

Family Faith Builder for Thanksgiving. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving day to talk about what you’re thankful for. Start now! You could do this one night a week at dinner time, or as a countdown each day to Thanksgiving, starting seven days before.

Enjoy this Thanksgiving Countdown discussion guide with your family to help them focus on thankfulness.

Have family members take turns naming…

  1. One gift you’ve received this year that you’re thankful for.
  2. Two things you’ve learned about God this year that have changed your life.
  3. Three things you’re thankful for about our family’s faith.
  4. Four things you’re thankful for about our family.
  5. Five experiences our family had this year that you really enjoyed.
  6. Six things in creation you couldn’t live without.
  7. Seven people outside our family who blessed you in some way.

Candy Corn Option: Ask everyone take candy corn from a bowl (1 to 7 pieces) and then based on how many they took, read them the corresponding number above.

Social Media Option: Post one of these statements along with your answers and challenge friends to add their own responses.

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