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Thanksgiving Countdown for Families – or Anyone!

Family Faith Builder for Thanksgiving. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving day to talk about what you’re thankful for. Start now! You could do this one night a week at dinner time, or as a countdown each day to Thanksgiving, starting seven days before. Enjoy this Thanksgiving Countdown discussion guide with your family to help them focus […]

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Thankful for Five Kernels of Corn

Pastor Mark shared this in CCA Chapel today, Wednesday, November 7. It is something you might use during the month of November to help your children focus on thankfulness every day. Say: The first winter the pilgrims spent in America was very cold. Some days, all they had was enough for each person to have only […]

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Thanksgiving Checkup

THANKSGIVING Checkup Would the people who live nearest to you characterize you as a complaining person or a thankful person? When was the last time you sat down to literally count your blessings? When was the last time you spent time grumbling, moaning and complaining about life? When you look at your world, are you […]

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