Thankful for Five Kernels of Corn

Pastor Mark shared this in CCA Chapel today, Wednesday, November 7. It is something you might use during the month of November to help your children focus on thankfulness every day.

Say: The first winter the pilgrims spent in America was very cold. Some days, all they had was enough for each person to have only five kernels of corn.

Say: When spring came, the pilgrims planted their corn and it grew so they had a lot of food the next year. From then on at Thanksgiving, the pilgrims each kept five kernels of corn at their plates to remind them of God’s provision.

Give each child some candy corn – at least five pieces.

Say: This candy corn reminds us of the meaning of Thanksgiving also.

Help younger children count the five kernels. Hold up each kernel as you read the following.


  1. The first kernel reminds us that God loves us.
  2. The second kernel reminds us that God provides for all our needs.
  3. The third kernel reminds us of the friends God has given us — just as the Native American Indians were friends to the pilgrims.
  4. The fourth kernel reminds us of all the people God has given us who love us.
  5. And the fifth kernel reminds us that God hears our prayers and answers us.

Discussion: Ask your children to share some of the things God has provided. Who are some of the friends and people God placed in their lives?

Pray together and thank God for the people in our lives, for providing for all our needs, and for loving us.

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