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June 1, 2023 Dear FBC Friend, Mother’s Day was a joyful day with many families worshipping together and adorable videos of our kids talking about their moms. June brings warmer weather, the end of School, graduation celebrations, and Father’s Day. We are a family that worships together, grows together, shares together and celebrates life together. Join us! […]

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May Update

May 1, 2023 Dear FBC Friend, Our church welcomed 160 people for Easter Sunday celebration. Thank you for bringing your family, friends and neighbors. Our facilities were ready and our members were gracious and inviting. Pray that these folks will want to keep coming back. We are striving together to worship, grow, and share. “Live in harmony […]

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April Update

Dear FBC Friend, We are looking forward to Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter services in the upcoming weeks. Plan to bring someone with you to each of these gospel focused worship services. You will enjoy great worship, fellowship, drama, special music and more. Even some Easter gifts for the kids and teens. “By the name […]

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