Football Games Are Not For Me

Published February 24, 2017 by


I’ve made up my mind never to attend another football game.  I’ve been a huge fan for many years, but now I’ve had it.  Let me list the reasons why:

  • I was taken to too many games by my parents when I was young.
  • The games are always played when I want to do something else.
  • Every time I go to a game, someone asks for money.
  • Although I go to games quite often, people are rarely friendly enough to speak to me.
  • The seats are too hard and uncomfortable.  Besides, I often have to sit down front on the 50 yard line.
  • I suspect there are hypocrites sitting nearby.  They come to see their friends and to look at what everyone else is wearing rather than to watch the game.
  • The field judge says things I don’t agree with.
  • The band always plays songs I’ve never heard before.
  • Some games last way too long.  This makes me get home late.
  • I have a big TV.  I can watch football on that.
  • I can always just listen to the game on the internet later on when it fits my schedule.

Well, there they are- the top reasons why I will never attend another football game.  Kind of foolish, isn’t it, to miss the joys of football for these reasons?  I wonder how many of us are missing the joys of worship, Bible study, training and prayer for reasons that are just as foolish.

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  1. Teresa McCool
    March 1, 2017

    Can’t get out because of my circumstances, not because I don’t enjoy the companionship,it’s deeply missed! Used to love the interaction with our bible studies, but have just found it most difficult to attend! Would love to thou, miss everyone so much u are all my family in Christ! But I know no matter what, we will all b together again! Love and miss you all, I am THERE spiritually if not physically, and prayers are sent to u all.


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