Why Church Membership Matters

We had a solid sermon series a year ago about the importance of being part of a local church. It was called Rediscover Church and it encouraged people to come back to church especially after the Covid shut downs and limitations we experienced. You can click on the link to check them out.

The next step is membership. I wanted to share this 9 Marks article Twelve Reasons Why Membership Matters by Kevin Lehman with you. Click on the link to read the article.

  1. It’s Biblical
  2. The church is its members
  3. It’s where you receive communion
  4. It’s how to officially represent Jesus

Next month we will be offering our Intro to FBC Class on November 12 and I invite you to join us. You can sign up at the Welcome Center or contact the church office. Be sure to pick up your free book, I Am a Church Member, to read before the class.


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