What does saying “I love you” really mean?

It’s June and many people are celebrating wedding anniversaries. By God’s grace, Cindi and I celebrated our thirty-second anniversary yesterday. We enjoyed dinner out and we talked about our lives together and what the future may hold. It’s all in God’s sovereign hands, but we want to keep faithfully serving Him for the rest of our lives.

When we say “I love you” to our spouse, what does that really mean? The world’s version might be something like “you make me happy,” “you rock my world,” “I’m better when I’m with you,” or maybe “I need you.” But as Christians, with a biblical world-view, we should be saying something different. We should be thinking about and expressing our love the way God does: unconditionally, putting the other person first, committing to that person, sacrificing for the other, and more.

According to biblical counselor, Dr. Howard Eyrich, when we say “I love you” we should mean I choose you, I am committed to you, and I delight in you. To keep your marriage strong say “I love you” often and show it through your words and physical actions that reinforce those meanings.

Read Dr. Eyrich’s complete article here.

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