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What does God’s Word say about worry, trials and suffering?

As our world faces the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are plagued by worry, anxiety, loneliness and financial hardship. What comfort, encouragement, and counsel does the Bible provide for us in times of trial? This Trials and Suffering Online Course will minister to your own soul with the truths of God’s Word and it will equip […]

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Yes, God is in control. Now go wash your hands.

Much has been written on the topic of God’s sovereignty and how we approach a pandemic like COVID-19. From churches and universities refusing to close their doors because they declare, they trust God more than medicine, to social media pundits touting their faith above all things, it seems we may have lost sight of something […]

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Struggling with Anxiety & Worry?

Do you struggle with anxiety and worry? Who doesn’t? One in six U.S. adults reported taking a psychiatric drug primarily to help with depression and anxiety (according to a 2013 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey). We tend to worry about our kids, our career, our marriage, our relationships, our weight, our finances, just about anything and everything. […]

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