Six Ways to Honor your Father

Father’s Day is the perfect time to see how you are doing with honoring your father.

Even as adults we are called by God to honor our father and mother. As a child, you probably heard this as obey and respect them, but how do we continue to honor them as we grow up and leave home.  Tim Keller said the respect for we learn and show to our parents is the basis for all other kinds of respect and authority in our lives.

Tim Challies provided six good practical ways to honor your parents, so I am sharing that with you with some of my thoughts and comments. God calls every child of every age to show honor to our parents, to refuse to dishonor our parents. He calls us to honor them as the outflow of honoring Him. He calls us to be people who respect His sovereignty by respecting the parents He saw fit to give us.

  1. Forgive him – Dads are not perfect, but we learn from Scripture that none of us is.
  2. Speak well of him – Refuse to trash talk about your father.
  3. Esteem him privately and publicly – Let him hear about the positive impact he had on your life.
  4. Seek his wisdom – God provided your father as a life coach and guide – Ask him for help!
  5. Support him – Help him out as he gets older and needs your assistance.
  6. Provide for him – The New Testament church tells us we are to care for our parents.

You can read the full article at the link below.

6 Practical Ways to Honor Your Parents

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