What Matters Most

What Matters Most – Colossians 2:16-23 
Let’s not waste our time judging others or focusing on living up to some man-made standards. Let’s concentrate all of our efforts on what matters most: Jesus Christ. Let’s worship Him. Grow in Him. And Share Him.

What Matters Most – Colossians 2:16-23 

As we start the new year, we often make lots of plans and resolutions about things we want to do better or stop doing. We talked about that last week. That’s a good thing. But we can sometimes get sidetracked with so many things that we miss out on what is most important. What matters most!

Our encouragement from the book of Colossians this morning is to make sure we stay focused on what matters most. The apostle Paul wrote this letter to the church in Colossae and was addressing specific concerns and issues that came up in their church. There were leaders in the church that encouraged people to follow the Old Testament laws and traditions. They taught them to look for extra spiritual messages and signs. And unfortunately by doing all of these other things, the people were distracted from Jesus Christ. He is what matters most. Knowing Jesus, studying His Word, and building a deeper relationship with Him is the best thing we can do.

  1. Don’t be judged 
  2. Don’t be fooled 
  3. Hold fast to Jesus 

Worship. Grow. Share. 

The mission of First Baptist Church is to make and mature disciples who worship God, grow spiritually, and share the Gospel and their spiritual gifts. 

Am I a Legalist? 

  • I go to church primarily so I don’t feel guilty for skipping it. 
  • I feel satisfied if I read the Bible even if I don’t spend time trying to understand it. 
  • I measure my prayer life by how long I pray. 
  • I enjoy telling people about how disciplined I am in reading by Bible and praying every day. 
  • What I want people to think I do in private is not what I actually do. 
  • I rarely reveal my inner thoughts and emotions because I don’t want to be seen as unspiritual or weak. 
  • I look down on those who don’t keep up an appearance of spirituality like I do.