Scripture: Mark 14:1-11

Leaders Plot to Kill Jesus

Instead of focusing on this holy celebration, the chief priests and scribes were looking for a way to arrest and kill Jesus. After, His teaching in the temple, they saw him as an even more dangerous threat to their authority and position.

Mary Anoints Jesus

The commentaries explained that this sealed alabaster flask of expensive perfume typically from India may have been a family heirloom. Maybe part of a dowry never used. But Mary, thought Jesus was worthy of the extravagant gift. Who else deserved such an act of love? The one who raised her brother from the dead, the one who saved her soul.
Listen to the carefully chosen words Mark used in verse 3. She broke the flask and poured it out – a complete sacrificial offering – she saved nothing for herself. Just like the widow in the Temple – Mary gave it all to Jesus.

Listen now, to how Jesus spoke to his disciples in the upper room as they celebrated the Passover, his last supper with them.

Mark 14:22-24. He took the bread and broke it and gave it to them saying Take, this is my body. This is my blood of the covenant which is poured out for many. Jesus was our perfect passover sacrifice – broken and poured out completely for us.
Deuteronomy 15:11
James 2:15-17

Judas Plans to Betray Jesus

Then in verses 10-11, we have the complete opposite of an ultimate disciple, Judas. He was one of the chosen twelve – hand picked by Jesus. He spent the past three years following Jesus, watching him heal people, do amazing miracles, teach, preach and love people. And instead of continuing to follow Jesus, he makes plans with the chief priests to betray the Lord.

Matthew 26:15 tells us that the agreed upon some was 30 pieces of silver – the price of a slave’s life.

Take Aways

Mary loved Jesus fully and completely – sacrificially and unconditionally.

Jesus calls you to do the same thing.

Are you willing to give up anything or everything for the sake of the Gospel?

Will you serve Him even if it’s not popular?

Do you love people and care for their physical needs?

Are you ready to be “Extra?”