Meeting Jesus

  • We’ve found the Messiah!
  • Simon = one who hears
  • Cephas/Peter = stone/rock

Fishers of Men

  • “I am a sinful man”
  • Left their nets
  • Followed Jesus

Peter’s Family

  • Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law
  • Peter saw Isaiah’s prophecy fulfilled

Step of Faith

  • Jesus walked on water
  • Peter asked if he could go to Him
  • Peter took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink
  • Jesus reached out His hand and saved him

Confession of Faith

  • Who do people say I am?
  • Who do you say I am?
  • “You are the Christ (Messiah),
    the Son of the living God.” – Peter
  • I will build my church!

Palm Sunday

  • Go on ahead and get a donkey
  • Hosanna = Save us now

Passover – Last Supper

  • Jesus washed the disciples’ feet
  • “You will never wash my feet”
  • “Wash my hands and head too!”

Peter’s Promise

  • Jesus warned disciples they would all scatter when He was arrested
  • Peter promised he would never leave or deny Jesus
  • Jesus told him he would deny him three times

Take Aways

  • Have you met Jesus like Peter?
  • Do you know about Him or do you know Him as your Savior?
  • Jesus invites you to repent and believe like Peter
  • Are you following faithfully?
  • Have you made promises you haven’t kept?
  • Are you growing or plateaued?
  • Is Jesus really Lord of your life?