Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:20-31


We are continuing our series in 1 Corinthians called Living in Light of Eternity. We’ve hear the Apostle Paul’s words to the church in Corinth about some very serious problems they were dealing with like divisions, fighting, sexual morality, marriage, and singleness. And now it’s using our spiritual gifts, and the need for everything to be done in love. He will end by giving them encouragement about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our future resurrection as believers.

That’s where the series title “Living in Light of Eternity” comes from. With our view of eternity, knowing that our souls will go on forever and ever, knowing that God will judge our behavior, and knowing that His Son Jesus died so that we can spend eternity with God – how should we think, live, and act today?

The city of Corinth was a key seaport city in the Roman Empire’s trade route. Like many other wealthy crossroads cities, it had a reputation for immorality, religious diversity and corruption. A lot like our culture today. As we read this letter to another group of Christians in another church from another century, let’s watch for principles or teachings that apply to our church community right here in Dunkirk.

The Focus of chapters 11-14 are on the gathering of the church. What our purpose is and how we should treat each other.

We Need Each Other

Many different parts but still one body.
Each part performs a different function.
Mark 10:43-44
1 Peter 5:3-4

Goal is Unity

Sympathy vs. Empathy
Growth Groups
Over 50 “One Another” commands

Different Gifts

Speaking Tongues (languages) & Interpreting

Take Aways

* Are you independent or interdependent?
* Do you focus on unity or your preferences?
* Do you empathize with others and help them?

* Are you thankful when others are blessed or jealous?
* Have you said “I don’t need the church” or “The church doesn’t need me” ?
* Are you using your spiritual gifts and more to serve in the church?

* Do you only want to serve if you will be seen and thanked?
* Do you notice, appreciate, and thank others who are serving?