Our Mission

  • WORSHIP  – Our lives are made to glorify God and recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • GROW – Developing Disciples, Spiritual Growth & Maturity, Fellowship
  • SHARE – Called to share the Good News of the Gospel and God’s love with our community & the world and to share our spiritual gifts and abilities

Five Characteristics of our Sanctification

(change & spiritual growth to be like Jesus Christ)

1. It is a gradual process

  • I haven’t arrived
  • Walking (not running) by the Spirit.

2. God is Active

  • The Father purges the fruitful vine.
  • The Son washes/cleans by the water of the Word.
  • The Spirit transforms us as we see Christ in the mirror of His Word.

3. You must be Active

  • The subject of the verb is you
  • Let us cleanse ourselves
  • Train yourself for godliness
  • Walk in a worthy manner
  • Flee sin and pursue righteousness
  • Bring your body into discipline

4. The Word of God must be Active on the Inner and Outer person

  • The inner person by see yourself dead to sin; renew your mind; being renewed by the Holy Spirit
  • Outer person through our actions or habits; present yourself as a sacrifice; train yourself; put off and put on

5. Growth & change take effort

  • All the runners run
  • Every athlete exercises
  • Be strong in Lord
  • So you may stand against
  • We do not wrestle flesh and blood
  • I fought the fight

We Grow Together

  • Build up the body to be mature and fully like Christ.
  • Grow up together in Christ
  • Each part is working properly – the body grows and builds itself up in love.

How does Church Help?

  • Sunday worship services
  • Sunday School classes for all ages
  • Youth Group
  • Growth Groups
  • Bible studies
  • Men’s & Women’s breakfasts
  • Mini conferences
  • Counseling ministry
  • Discipleship

So What Do I Do Now?

  • What needs to change?
  • Keep your mind on Biblical truth
  • Renew your mind through Scripture
  • Put off old habits and thinking with the strength of the Holy Spirit
  • Put on the Christ-like actions and fruits of the Spirit
  • Get involved in church growth
  • Come to our Intro to FBC class