Scripture: Mark 12:18-27


We here a lot about science today. Trust the science. I only believe what I can see and prove. The Bible and the Christian faith are often discounted as wishful thinking or fuzzy nice thinking, but unproveable. For all of those criticisms, there are sure a lot of people who believe in lots of things they cannot see or prove. Did you test your brake system, your fuel lines, your tire pressure before getting into your car or truck and driving here this morning? Did you research and evaluate your seat before sitting down? No, we believed they would work and we put our lives on the line to prove it. Lots of people are interested in the afterlife – we have people in nearby Lilly Dale trying to contact their dead pets and family members. We have lots of movies, tv shows, and games about ghosts, supernatural things, and life on other planets. People believe a lot of things because they want to, but believing in a God who hold you accountable for your life is not so welcome. It becomes too hard to believe – or maybe just too hard to accept.
This is nothing new. In Jesus’ day, the powerful Sanhedrin, a Jewish council of 71 men made up of priests, pharisees, and other religious leaders, begins a three prong attack on Jesus sending a different group each time with loaded questions, hoping to discredit Jesus and cause the crowds to lose faith in him. Today is the second of these three challenges.

Series – The Crown & The Cross

Sadducee’s Question

The question from the Pharisees and Herodians we saw last week about paying taxes to Rome was primarily a political one. The Sadducees now pose a purely theological question, with an odd but specific test case. They reference Moses’ Law as the basis for the argument, but they also wanted to discredit the idea of resurrection.

This sounds like a really unrealistic situation. They said Moses wrote for us about a man marrying his deceased brother’s wife. That was Levirate Marriage and it’s found in

Deuteronomy 25:5.

Jesus’ Response

How does Jesus respond to questions? Usually with a question!
v. 24 But this question is really more of an statement. Aren’t you wrong because you don’t know the Scriptures and you don’t know God’s power?
Jesus first corrects the Sadducees on their incorrect view of the resurrection life. They should not compare the resurrection life in heaven to life on earth.
Jesus then corrects the Sadducees’ biblical ignorance by reminding them of the Moses passage where God describes the patriarchs as still living.

Resurrection Life

Jesus them taught that resurrection life will be different from earthly life. People will not marry and have children but in some sense will be like angels, either without sexual capacity or concerned only with serving and worshiping God.

God of the Living

Jesus then takes them back to the Law to show them where the truths of the resurrection and eternal life can be found. Jesus references Exodus 3 when God spoke to Moses in the burning bush. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had been dead for centuries by the time God revealed himself to Moses.

Understanding Heaven

According to the Bible, our source of ultimate truth, Heaven is about worshiping and glorifying God, not about living a better version of your own life on earth.
1 Cor 2:9  No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him.
Hope of the resurrection is the believer’s greatest hope providing strength to face life’s greatest challenges. Nothing can separate us from God’s love Romans 8:38-39.
But our focus will be on worshipping Jesus Christ and God, not on having a family reunion or righting wrongs from earth. We will fully bear the image of Christ with nothing in ourselves that is sinful, unrighteous or unholy. Our desires will only be pure and for God, not selfish or hurtful to others.

Take Aways

People in Jesus’ day who didn’t believe in the power of God, demanded further miracles as proof. Even today, there is a huge focus on healings and special revelation from God to prove He exists. But the greatest proof of God’s power is the transformed lives of believers. Do people a new you or one that is continuing to become more like Jesus?
Have you accepted God’s invitation to know Him and become part of His family? Repenting of your sin and trusting Jesus alone as your Savior who paid your sin debt begins a new relationship today that will last forever. He promises to never leave you here on earth or for all eternity.
Is your view of heaven all about you and the things and people you want to see again, or is it about worshipping and glorifying God? As Paul said, we can’t imagine what it will be like. But it will be all about Jesus not me.