Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Problems with Communion


Some people were treating communion inappropriately while some had the right approach.

Eating & Drinking Entire Meal

Focus was on themselves instead of the Gospel and Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Jesus’ Instructions for Communion


verse 24 Jesus took the unleavened bread – it had no yeast in it because for the original  Passover they needed to be ready to leave at a moments notice. No waiting for the bread to rise.


verse 25 Jesus took the cup after supper, saying this cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this and remember me.


verse 27 Paul warned the Corinthians, and anyone today, that they should not take communion if they were not doing it to honor the Lord Jesus.

verse 28 Paul said each person should examine themselves first before taking part in communion.


v. 29 Judgment

v. 30-31 Weakness, sickness & death

Take Aways

Have you trusted Jesus as your Savior and Lord?

Are you ready for Communion? If you have not trusted Jesus as your Savior you should not take communion, because you are not part of the family yet. Many people wait until after they have been baptized before they take communion. Maybe your parents have told you to wait until they think you understand it better. Talk to them about it.

Are you fully focused on Jesus during communion?  He sacrificed himself for you, and you and I did nothing to deserve God’s forgiveness and salvation.

Are you fully focused on Him when we come together to worship each week? Jesus should be at the center of our thoughts and everything we think say or do should be to please Him and glorify Him – to show others what He is like.

When we come together we should humbly remember that we don’t deserve to be here. It is only by God’s grace that we are welcomed and loved. That’s why we should focus on loving and serving others instead of what you want.