Blessing & Sorrow

Scripture: Genesis 35-36

This morning as we continue our Origins Story from the Book of Genesis, we will see Jacob and his family seeking to eliminate the idols in their lives as they prepare to properly worship God. Turn with me to Genesis 35 and let’s see where blessing and sorrow came to Jacob’s life.

Take Aways:

Blessing and Sorrow

Blessings and sorrow often come together. They are not always indications of God looking at us with favor or displeasure. God encouraged Jacob with who He was – His strength, His power, and His past faithfulness to help Him through times of sorrow and difficulty.

Jesus was the man of sorrows – our suffering Savior and also the Redeemer – blessing the world through forgiveness and eternal life.

God can use sorrow in our lives to teach us to rely on Him and to build our character.

see James 1:2-4

Jesus called us to deny yourself, take up our cross daily, and follow Him.

see Luke 9:23

As followers of Jesus Christ, our first thoughts should not be for ourselves. We are called to love others as Christ loves us. Paul told us to hold others in high esteem. To care for them. Our modern self-esteem concept of “you can’t love others until you love yourself” is simply not biblical. We can love others because God loves us so much. He is the source of our self-esteem. His love, grace and mercy should overflow from our grateful hearts.

We saw Jacob and his family experience great blessing and sorrow. We should expect to see the same things in our lives. But when sorrow comes, we can go to God with our pain and struggles because He cares for us; not blame Him and think He has deserted us. Jesus knows and sympathizes with our weaknesses and our struggles. He can confidently call to God for mercy and grace when we are suffering.

see Hebrews 4:15-16

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior, if you have never trusted in Him alone and made Him the center of worship in your life, come to talk to me (Contact Pastor Mark at the church office). That is the starting point to a life of knowing God personally. You will experience blessings and sorrows, but you will never face them alone again.