Sermons in “Advent 2017”

Advent: Peace

Rev. Thayne Bodenmiller delivers the fourth final Advent message for this year about Peace.

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Advent: Joy

Happiness appears to be an ever-elusive ideal. Just when we think we know what we want and finally get it, we want something else. We often say happiness is fleeting but joy is everlasting. The Bible doesn’t make that clear distinction. Joy is a godly response to our circumstances and happiness is the emotion we feel. Most of us try to find something that makes us feel happy or feel better, instead of thinking about how we should respond to what is happening around us the way God wants us to.

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Advent: Hope

This morning we lit the first candle of Advent, the candle of hope. It is also the candle of prophecy. God telling the world of things to come in advance. Some of the prophecies were dire warnings, but many, like the ones we will read today are promises of blessing and hope for the future. Where is your hope today? Are you discouraged at work? Are you tired of doing your work and others’ too? Do you have loved ones who are hurting and you can’t fix it? Do you have family and friends who walked away from their faith or never trusted Christ as Savior? Your loving heavenly Father is calling you to new life in His Son Jesus Christ: The Hope for this world. He is calling you to move from despair to real hope.

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