Redeeming My Past

Here are five ways the difficulties in my past can be redeemed and can actually help me. These are found in a booklet at the Welcome Center called Redeeming Your Painful Past. Pick up a copy if you want to read more.

  1. It can help us handle trials. – I can see how God used adversity to shape my character and faith.
  2. It can help us forgive. – In one of Jesus’ parables He taught about a merciless man who collected threw people in jail after his own debts had been forgiven. We are called to forgive others as we recognize how much God forgave us.
  3. It can keep us humble. – When we see our sins repeated and forgiven time and again, we recognize and appreciate God’s great mercy and grace.
  4. It can help us repent. – When we look back at our past sin failures, we should be quicker to recognize current sin and getting off God’s path now.

This was part of our Easter message. Click HERE to listen to the full message.

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