Jesus’ Triumphal Entry – Two Kingdoms Collide

When Jesus entered Jerusalem it was a clash of kingdoms. Two worldviews and two opposing views of the Messiah’s arrival and proclamation as King were evident in the crowd that day.

Jesus knew there was a great contrast between these two kingdoms: the earthly kingdom and the spiritual kingdom. Instead of riding to the king’s palace – the center of man’s power, Jesus rode to the Temple – the center of worship and prayer. When Jesus Christ is our center of worship, when He is on the throne of our personal kingdom, all is as it should be.

When we want that position as King for ourselves, Captain of my Destiny, our relationships, our lives, our view of God is completely wrong. We struggle and argue with others who are not treating us like the supreme ruler. Even those we love will never measure up or do enough for us. We desire things that we believe we deserve and will make us happy.

But God created to put Him first because He alone is worthy of our worship. As a loving perfect Father, He always wants the best for us – even when we don’t understand what He is doing.

Which Kingdom do you claim?

Are you focused on your earthly kingdom where it’s all about you, or have you welcomed Jesus Christ to His rightful place as King of your life?

If you’ve never trusted Him as your Savior that means confessing your sin and your attempts at running your own life, believing that His death on the cross paid your debt, that His resurrection proved He is the source of eternal life, and inviting Him to be your Lord and King.

Believers, who is seated on the throne of your life?

Are you trying to run things your way? Are you still trying to figure things out on your own? Are you wondering why your relationships have failed or are not what you hoped they would be? Confess today that you have not yielded your life to Jesus Christ. That you have not made your life focus about worshipping Him; but instead it’s about pleasing yourself.

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