5 Benefits of Learning Biblical Counseling

With our upcoming Counseling & Discipleship mini-conference (Oct 3-5), I thought this article was worth sharing. Even if you can’t make all three evenings, come out for at least one. You will be glad you did because you will be encouraged from God’s Word personally. The training in counseling is all about discipleship and helping people grow in their faith. You can use these  This year’s ACBC theme is the Sufficiency of Scripture or how God provides everything we need in His Word. Check it out at 2023 Conference.


5 Benefits of Learning Biblical Counseling

We hear it over and over again. When people start training in biblical counseling, they are amazed by the outcome. They see so many benefits in their life and the lives of others.

Here are some of the main benefits of learning biblical counseling.

1. You grow in your understanding of the Bible and how to apply it.

So often, we find ourselves in counseling conversations with those who have no idea that the Bible gives instruction about the very issue they are struggling with. Our counseling training helps you understand the most common issues and how God’s Word answers the most difficult struggles and deepest hurts.

2. You develop your ability to help hurting friends grow.

Do you know how to speak the truth in love? The more that we speak and receive truth in love, the stronger we all become. Speaking the truth in love requires planning and compassion. God will use you when you ask Him to help you learn how to impact your relationships with His truth.

3. You increase your capacity to understand yourself and your own struggles.

Do you ever wonder why you are so defensive or why your anxiety always seems to win? One of the greatest surprises we always hear from our students is that they are growing personally in their walk with God by going through the training. Good counseling requires a proper perspective on the struggles that one is facing. You will learn new perspectives on how to wisely apply God’s Word, which benefits you as well.

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4. You are personally encouraged when you get a front-row seat.

We regularly hear from our students who are amazed that God is using them to help those who are struggling find victory through Christ. Others have seen that biblical counseling has brought them into relationships with those who need to be led to Christ and to experience salvation for all of eternity. So many in crisis have no wise friends, and they suffer for it. Christ challenges us by His example to befriend the friendless and lead them to living water. You, too, can have a front-row seat if you are willing!

5. You serve your church leaders by lightening their load and helping others grow.

Many pastors are tired because they take on a heavy load- which they do because they care. However, after time, they get worn down. How can we all do better to make sure that churches, pastors, and congregants are healthy? Biblical Counselors lighten the load of the pastor while strengthening the health of the congregation. You can use your life experience to make an impact when you are trained to have the right discipleship conversations. If you care about your pastor and your church, you can make a tangible difference by getting trained. You will also greatly encourage your pastor when you become equipped to care for them and the flock that God has entrusted them with.

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