21 Traits of a Good Friend

Are you a good friend? Here are twenty-one traits or qualities that you should be developing in your friendships. They are also good qualities to look for and encourage in a new friend.

How many do you have? What are the top ones you want to work on?

Twenty-One Traits to develop & look for in your friendships.

  1. Servant’s heart – putting your friend ahead of yourself
  2. Willing to go anywhere, do anything for your friend
  3. Dependable – Do you show up when you say you will?
  4. Faithful – Can you be counted on?
  5. Mediator – Are you willing to get messy to help solve problems between other friends?
  6. Willing to humbly take correction and instruction?
  7. Give people a chance – Do you pre-judge people?
  8. Make room for new friends
  9. Through thick or thin
  10. Sympathetic Heart
  11. Stick with friends through ups & downs of life and/or ministry
  12. Prayer Warrior – Do you pray for your friends?
  13. Willing to forgive a friend
  14. Compassionate & Caring
  15. Brag about your friends!
  16. Be there when you are needed
  17. Care about your friend’s faith
  18. Hospitable – Can a friend stop by any time?
  19. Welcoming – Do you make people comfortable in your home?
  20. Willing to fight for your friend – Do you stand up for them when no one else will?
  21. Show God’s Grace – Do you show kindness & patience especially when it is not deserved?

Jesus said they will know you are Christians by your love (John 13:35).

Listen to the message “That’s What Friends are For” from the book of Colossians.

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