Scripture: 1 Peter 2:4-8


  • The living stone
  • Rejected by men
  • Chosen and precious to God
  • The Cornerstone of the Church
  • Stumbling block
  • Offensive to some


  • Living stones like Jesus
  • Christian means “little Christ”
  • “Walls” of the Church
  • Holy Priesthood
  • Offer spiritual sacrifices
  • Serve others in Jesus’ name

Your Response

  • Is Jesus a stumbling block?
  • Have you recognized only Jesus can save you?
  • Believers – are you a living stone – active in building up the church?
  • Is Jesus (God’s Word) the foundation of your life?
  • Is your life built on the Rock?
  • Are you serving others in a way that glorifies God?
  • Is your focus outward or inward?