Together We Can Change The World

Scripture: Ephesians

Through the past three weeks, we’ve explored the themes Together We Find Peace, Together We Experience Love, and Together We Grow Stronger. Today we’re going to discuss the idea that Together We Can Change the World.

We fulfill our purpose when we experience and live out God’s love together and share it with the world around us. Together we can change the world!

Super Heroes vs. Mr. Rogers

Does the world need more superheroes? I’d say right now we’ve got plenty of those. What the world needs more of is Mr. Rogers. And it’s no surprise that Fred Rogers was an ordained pastor. The principles he built his kids TV show on and the characteristics he lived out were Christlike. The world needs more Mr. Rogers because the world needs more of Jesus Christ.

Dream Big, Act Small

This is important to remember, how we as a church together can change the world. The church gives us a place to find support, co-laborers, and even cheerleaders in our steps to change the world. It gives us a safe place to dream big and to plan for big ideas. But it also gives us the support and accountability we need to act small, to consistently take the incremental steps needed to get there, to journey and grow together to become the authentic people God has created and called us to be.

Recognize the Eternal

When we know that the real battle is a spiritual one, it helps put the rest in perspective. Is what we disagree about really worth fighting over? Is the person who disagrees with us an idiot, a loser, our archenemy—or a fellow sinner who needs God’s grace and salvation just like we do? How can we keep our focus on the eternal and maintain unity? Because the battle is not about what’s temporary or finite. Even when we can’t see it or understand it, we know the real battle is about the eternal.

Stay Connected

Being together, staying connected, is vital for us as we seek to impact our world. Even Jesus, God Himself, surrounded Himself with a group of people. He invested in relationships and took time to be together with others. Jesus’ closest disciples and followers provided community and fellowship. They lived daily life together, and they shared a common purpose.