The Things They Carried

Scripture: Colossians 2:13-15

Addison’s Walk Institute

The Addison’s Walk Center for Christian Studies is a non-profit organization located in Scranton, Pennsylvania under the direction of Andy Giessman. Engaging the academic community at the crossroads of faith, reason, and culture, Addison’s Walk Institute is modeled after other Christian study centers around the world.

The role of a study center is unique within Christianity. The staff and participants are seeking to partner with the university community, within the larger context of the local city or town, for the purpose of demonstrating that orthodox Christianity belongs at the table of ideas.


Executive Director, Andy Giessman holds advanced degrees in theology and philosophy. He is a Doctor of Ministry Philosophy student at Talbot School of Theology, a graduate program of Biola University.

Andy has 20 years of ministry experience and is a sought-after speaker for youth groups throughout the United States, delivering radical messages that challenge students to think through the claims of Jesus Christ. He teaches philosophy at Marywood University in Scranton, PA, and teaches theology and philosophy at the University of Scranton.

Andy and his wife, Becky, and their children, reside in Scranton, PA.