Sovereign over Sin

Scripture: Genesis 34

This morning as we return to the book of Genesis and our origins series, we follow Jacob, his daughter, Dinah, and their family through a series of violent tragedies. The effects of sin on the world and even those that seek to follow God will be evident. However, through it all, God’s sovereign control over history and the final outcome will also be clear. Turn with me to Genesis 34 as this story unfolds.

Take Aways

So what can we learn from this unusual passage of Scripture?

First, it shows that God’s Word is true and accurate. It is trustworthy.

The Bible portrays real people with real tragedies. This is part of the origins stories of the nation of Israel, the patriarch Jacob and his sons, the tribes of Israel. And it includes the good and the bad. Nothing is whitewashed to make the reader feel better. A young woman was raped, treated like property, and her brothers lied and schemed to violently provide justice killing the guilty man and his village. The writings of false religions, portray their leaders as heroes with no faults or flaws. They are not real like the Word of God. We should trust, believe, and obey God’s Word. Because it is the voice of God, it changes people lives. Are you reading it for yourself?

Second, everything in the Bible is not God’s will or direction.

Just because there are stories about rape, murder, deceit, and vengeance doesn’t make them acceptable to God. Modern critics cite these stories and say this book is about a violent, unloving God. They say, its followers are the same. Today, everyone is supposed to feel good and accept anything and everything as true. But according to them, the Bible is not acceptable or true. People who say they are followers of Jesus still sin and still make mistakes. Don’t you? Show grace.

Third, God can still accomplish His plans through imperfect people. God is sovereign, even over sin.

God wanted the Israelites to be separate from the Canaanites and the people of the land. This happened through the Simeon and Levi’s actions. God doesn’t cause people to sin, like the attack on Dinah, but He is still sovereign or working through what happens.

God’s plan for every person is to accept Jesus as Savior and become more like His Son. This happens throughout your life as you react to and respond to life’s challenges. God allows these trials to shape our lives and strengthen our faith when we trust and obey Him.

Fourth, we are called by God to be a good witness and testimony to the world around us.

Colossians 4:5-6 – Have a good Witness to those around you.

Jacob desired to be liked and not hated by the local community, but his sons rescued and avenged their sister without considering the consequences.

James 4:17 – Do the right thing.

Acts 5:29 – When told to stop teaching about Jesus, the Apostles said, we must obey God rather than men.


Have you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior?

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” – Acts 4:12

Talk to Pastor Mark if you are ready to take this step of faith.