Sacrificial Love

Scripture: Genesis 44

This morning we continue our Genesis Origins series with the Life of Joseph: God’s Good Plan. Last week in Genesis 43, we saw ten sons of Jacob return to Egypt in fear for their lives. They needed to buy more grain, but they were commanded to bring their youngest brother Benjamin to prove their honesty and refute the charge that they were spies. After receiving a warm welcome, they were treated to a feast and sent on their way. Everything seemed perfect, but Joseph devised one last test for his brothers. Would they pass?

Joseph overheard the brothers confess their sin of selling their own brother to the slave traders. He saw them try to return money that was put back into their sacks. He saw them keep their word and return with their youngest brother Benjamin. He watched them joyfully eat and drink while Benjamin received special treatment and got five times more food than they got. And now, he would put their own lives up against Benjamin’s to see how they would react. The brothers still do not know the Egyptian governor is actually Joseph. I’ll often refer to him as the Governor.

Agape (Greek) means sacrificial or unconditional love.

What about you?

  • Have you experienced God’s unconditional love?
  • Have you admitted your guilt and sin to God?
  • Have you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior?

If you have never experienced God’s unconditional love, I would encourage you to come talk to me after the service. God loves you, sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in your place, and longs for you to have a personal relationship with Him. Like Judah and his brothers, we each need to admit our guilt, our sin against a holy and perfect God, confess it and seek forgiveness offered by God. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

  • Do you love each other with sacrificial, unconditional love?
  • Do you put others first?
  • Do you show God’s grace
    and mercy?
  • Our primary purpose is worship God and to show others what God is like.
  • Is that the most important thing in your life?

Is that the most important thing in your life? If it’s not, who or what has taken God’s rightful first place in your life? Start each day by asking God to be glorified in and through you. Let Jesus Christ reign as Lord of your life.