Scripture: Hosea

Prophets’ Messages

  • Repentance
  • Judgement
  • Hope


  1. Interpret grammatically
  2. Interpret contextually
  3. Compare Scripture with Scripture
  4. Recognize the progressiveness of God’s revelation

To sum up: It is God who desired to give man His Word. It is God who also gave the gift of language so He could fulfill that desire. He gave us His Word in order to communicate, not confound. We should seek to understand that communication plainly, for that is the normal way beings communicate.

– Charles Ryrie in Basic Theology

The Bible Project Overview of Hosea

Major Themes

  • Israel has rebelled
  • God will bring consequences for their sin and idolatry
  • God’s love and mercy
  • Hope for redemption

Amazing Truths in Hosea

  1. We are all spiritual adulterers and idolaters
  2. God’s faithful and long-suffering nature
  3. The pursuing power of the bridegroom’s relentless love
  4. Joyful submission to our awesome God

Take Homes

  • Humility and Repentance
  • Love others the way God loves me