Scripture: Hosea 3

Major Themes

  • Israel’s rebellion
  • Just consequences
  • God’s relentless love and mercy
  • Hope for redemption & restoration


Redeemer Requirements

  • He must be near of kin.
  • He must be able to redeem
  • He must be willing to redeem
  • Redemption was completed when the price was fully paid

Jesus is our near kinsman

  • God sent His son in the likeness of flesh
  • Made like His brethren
  • Took form of a servant – like men

Jesus has the power to redeem us

  • He was rich
  • Power of His resurrection
  • He paid our debt

Jesus is willing to redeem us

  • Jesus gave Himself for us
  • Came to serve and give His life a ransom for many
  • I lay down My life

Jesus paid the price in full

  • Whoever believes will not perish
  • I know whom I have believed
  • In Him we have redemption

Restoration Requirements

  • You will live with me
  • You will no longer be unfaithful
  • We will return to good days

Take Aways

  • Have you accepted Jesus’ payment for your sins?
  • You are no longer a slave to sin
  • Live like a slave to righteousness
  • You were bought by God
  • Keep My commandments
  • Glorify God by living like Jesus