Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:12–34

No Resurrection?

If there is no resurrection then..
* Christ was not raised
* Our preaching is pointless
* We are lying about God
* Your faith is useless
* You are still dead in sin
* Those who died have perished

Alive in Christ

But Christ has been raised from the dead…
* He was the firstfruits of those who died
* Resurrection of dead who are in Christ
* Believers are alive in Christ
* Death is destroyed
* All are subject to Christ
* Christ is still subject to God

Wake Up!

Why be baptized to new life if we are still dead?
Why risk danger daily?
Why not live it up?
Avoid “Bad Company” – unbelievers
Wake up & stop sinning

Take Aways

Do you know and believe the Gospel? Say it with me: Jesus Christ crucified for our sins, buried, and in three days raise again. Scripture says knowing and believing that truth will cause a person to be convicted of their sins, will want to confess them to God, asking for forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ. If you have never confessed your sin and accepted Jesus as your Savior, please come talk to me.

Are you convinced of the resurrection? Not only of Jesus, but of believers?

Are you living in light of eternity?

Are you living it up for yourself or living for Christ?

Are there people in your life who will not listen to the Gospel, but continue to have an impact on you – keeping you from living for Jesus?

If someone asked you why you have real hope – what would you say? Are you telling others the Good News?