Promises & Provision

Scripture: Genesis 46-47

Genesis 46:1-27

  • Importance of Names
  • Importance of Places
  • Importance of Directions
  • 70 went down to Egypt
  • 2.4 million came up out of Egypt

Genesis 46:28-34

  • God’s Good Plan included Judah in leadership role
  • Joseph was reunited with his father and wept.

Genesis 47:1-12

  • Jacob blessed Pharaoh
  • God provided for Jacob’s family through Joseph the chosen son

Genesis 47:13-26

  • No food in all of Egypt or Canaan
  • Joseph provided grain in exchange for property, livestock, service.
  • 20% Income Tax for future

Genesis 47:13-26

  • Jacob’s family gained possessions, were fruitful, and multiplied greatly
  • God’s promises were all fulfilled
  • God’s provision bless His people and the nations around them.

Just as God knew Jacob’s name and told him not to fear, He knows your name and cares for you. In John 3, Jesus said the sheep hear the shepherd’s voice and he call his own by name and leads them out. (v. 14) Jesus said, I am the good Shepherd, I know my own and my own know me. Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you follow Him? If you have trusted Jesus as your Savior, you have nothing to fear. He promises to be with you always and will provide for you.

Jacob, the Israelite patriarch, blessed Pharaoh, the gentile ruler who had his son all these years. Joseph provided us with an amazing example of living out a testimony before the Egyptians that brought glory to God. Our main purpose on earth is to glorify God. Sojourners – travelers (remember this is not your home).  2 Cor. 5:20 Apostle Paul calls us ambassadors for God calling people to be reconciled to God. 1 Peter 2:11-17 tells us very practically how Christians should behave and treat the world around us.

  • Keep yourselves from sins – control your physical passions.
  • Be honorable when dealing with unbelievers (Gentiles).
  • If they say anything against you – they will see your good deeds and glorify God.
  • Obey government
  • By doing good you will silent the ignorant foolish people – not by arguing with them but by your actions!
  • Use your freedom as servants of God.
  • Honor everyone
  • Love Christian brothers and sisters
  • Fear God
  • Honor the emperor (President).