Prayers of Lament

How do I deal with grief in the right way?

“We setup monumental stones over the graves of our joys, but who thinks of erecting monuments of praise for mercies received?“

– Charles Spurgeon

Three Questions about Lament

1. What is lament?  Lament is a prayer in pain that leads to trust.

“Lament is the honest cry of a hurting heart wrestling with the paradox of pain and the promise of God’s goodness.”

– Mark Vroegop

2. Why should we lament?  It’s biblical. People throughout God’s Word voice their lament in prayer to God.

3. How do we lament?  According to the models in Scripture.

How Do We Lament?

Examples from Scripture

  • Hannah in 1 Samuel 1
  • David in Psalm 13
  • Jesus in Matthew 26:38-39

Four Steps in Dealing With Grief God’s Way

  1. Turn to God
  2. Complain to God
  3. Ask God
  4. Trust in God

Recommended resource: Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy:Discovering the Grace of Lament by Mark Vroegop

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