My Hope is in the Lord

Scripture: Genesis 40

Cupbearer’s dream:

Vine with three branches that budded, blossomed and produced grapes. He pressed the grapes into Pharaoh’s cup and he gave the cup to Pharaoh.


Three branches are three days. In three days, Pharaoh will lift up your head (exalt) you and restore you to your office as cupbearer.

Baker’s Dream

Similarities? Three baskets, like three vines. Pharaoh will lift your head.Baker’s dream: three cake baskets on my head. The top basket was for Pharaoh but birds were eating the food from the basket.

Differences? Cupbearer delivered cup to Pharaoh’s hand. Baker did not bring food. Baker executed instead of restored.


Three baskets are three days. In three days, Pharaoh will lift up your head – from your body! He failed to bring Pharaoh’s food safely to him. Maybe previous grievance was also worse. You will be hanged and birds will eat your flesh.

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

Hope found in God’s Promises

God’s Promises                                         

Satan’s Lies

1.          Your trial is not unique — ‘common to man’ No one else has ever gone through anything like this before!
2.          Your God is faithful — ‘but God is faithful’ God’s not there for you; He’s left you on your own for this one.
3.          It’s not more than you can handle. This is too much; no one can endure this.
4.          There is a way out of this. There’s no way out; you’re stuck.


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