Looking for a Sign

Scripture: Mark 8:11-26

Pharisees look for a sign vv. 11-13

Jesus warns about unbelief  vv. 14-21

Jesus heals blindness  vv. 22-26

Take Aways

Be ready to share the Gospel

As Peter said in 1 Peter 3:15  always be prepared to answer anyone who asks for the reason you have hope.

You may be asked to “prove” the existence of God. And you can share the teleological and cosmological arguments for a creator and first mover of the universe. Some will listen, but many people have already made up their minds to not believe. They have closed their eyes and ears to the truth. Their hearts have been hardened. At that point you can pray that the Spirit would soften their hearts and call them.

Don’t forget God’s blessings and worry or complain.

Just as the disciples experienced Jesus’ amazing provision and quickly forgot where help comes from.

God meets our needs, but then when the next problem arises, we begin to worry about how this will be resolved. We may complain or become frightened. Psalm 103:2 “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,” The NT is filled with reminders to give thanks always and for everything.

Lessons Learned

The disciples saw and heard amazing things that would encourage them later in ministry as the Holy Spirit helped them recall all that Jesus had said and did.

1) Don’t look for signs and wonders – but live by faith in God’s all-sufficient Word

2) Trust Jesus’ promises to meet all your needs

3) let Jesus work as He wills – don’t expect Him to do the same thing twice