Scripture: Hosea 13-14

Major Themes

  • Israel’s rebellion
  • Just consequences
  • God’s relentless love and mercy
  • Hope for redemption & restoration

God’s Anger Revealed

  • God recounts their sins
  • Worshipping false idols & offering
    up their children
  • Persistent unfaithfulness
  • Coming judgment

Hope Still Remains

  • Return to God
  • Hope if there is true repentance

True Repentance

  • Admit & confess your sin
  • Ask God for forgiveness
  • Accept the consequences
  • Trust God’s mercy
  • Promise to turn 180º

Trustworthy Promises

  • I will heal you
  • I will love you
  • I will provide life
  • Return to Promised Land

Final Warning

  • If you are wise & discerning – Listen!
  • Know & understand God’s message
  • Obey His Word

Take Aways

  • You know God, but you are not living like you should?
  • You don’t really know God.
  • You don’t think there is much room to grow.

The message of Hosea is all about God’s unconditional love, His forgiveness, His redeeming grace, healing and hope for the future.
His love is relentless whether He is calling you for the first time or calling you back to Him.