Scripture: Luke 1:8–20, 39-45, 57–66; Isaiah 40:3–5

1: Jesus’ Birth is the Source of True Joy

God’s Glory will be revealed in the Messiah Jesus Christ

2: It is a Joy to Share God’s Plan

The name “John” means  Graced by God – or – God has been Gracious

3: Our Joy Comes from the Grace of God

Salvation through Jesus Christ is a GIFT from God.


Will you decide to live with joy as a testimony to the good news of Christ’s birth? Joy comes from trusting God and His promises. We choose joy instead of choosing worry, despair, or disappointment in our immediate situation.

Are you someone who is known for displaying joy? Ask your family or close friends if they think of joy when they think of you.

Are you someone who knows the joys that come at Christmas? What is one way you can display the good news of this season by the way you live your life?