Finishing Well

Scripture: Genesis 48

Visitation Ministry

1 Corinthians 12:25-26

  • If one suffers all suffer.
  • When one is honored all rejoice together

1 Thessalonians 5

  • Encourage the fainthearted
  • Help the weak
  • Be patient with all

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Jacob’s Focus

  • God’s blessings
  • Bless Joseph
  • Adopt his sons as his own
  • Pass on testimony of God’s faithfulness to next generation


A godly, older man who, in his last season of life, has learned how to fight through his loss of authority and discover fresh ways of giving up his life on behalf of others.

Generational Connector

  • Builds relationships
  • Makes time for people

Generational Influencer

  • Encourage others to love God
  • Praise and bless others

Generational Intercessor

  • Pray faithfully for your family and others
  • Keep up with their lives

Finishing Well (Hebrews 12)

  • Put off sinful behavior
  • Run with endurance
  • Look to Jesus
  • Be thankful
  • Worship God