Scripture: Genesis 49

Last week, in Genesis 48, Jacob prepared to finish well by relaying his faith, God’s faithfulness, and his blessing to Joseph and his sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Today, in Genesis 49, we will see a family with a future. Jacob gathered his family together and with a mixture of blessings and curses told each son what will happen to him and his tribe in the future. This epilogue, later to be read by the nation of Israel and believers today, helps us see God’s direction and plan for the future. Most importantly, the Messiah is prophesied and portrayed as God’s ultimate Redeemer and Savior. He is the focus of Jacob’s hope for the future of his sons and his own future beyond this earth.

Jacob’s Prophecy of the Messiah

In these prophetic blessings and curses, Jacob describes what will happen in each of the twelve tribes of Israel. A number of them point to the Redeemer, the coming Messiah who will bring salvation, peace, healing, and rest to all the world.

In verse 10, we met Shiloh the ruler who deserves honor and obedience. In verse 18, I wait for Yeshua, your salvation, Jehovah. In the blessings of Joseph in verse 24, we hear about the Mighty One, the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel, El Shaddai (Almighty God). These are all names attributed to the Messiah, the Son of God.

As Jacob prepared to die and be reunited with his past loved ones, he comforted his sons with the knowledge that the Messiah would come. Those who faithfully followed God, the Good Shepherd, would be blessed and eventually find rest, together again in eternity. Jacob crossed the Jordan with his staff, a pilgrim, a traveling sojourner, in a land that was promised to him and his offspring. His sons, the twelve tribes of Israel, would continue that sojourning for many more centuries before making their home in the Promised Land. Even then, God wanted them to remember, as He tell us today, that this is not our final home. He is preparing a new heaven and a new earth (like the original good creation) for those who trust in Him through the Messiah, Jesus Christ the Son of God who came to take away the sins of the world.

A Certain Future

Jacob was prepared to die because He trusted God’s promises.

Tim read John 14 for us earlier. Jesus didn’t want His disciples to His leaving them or their own deaths. His reassurances two thousand years ago are just as true today.

  • Don’t fear, don’t worry believe in God and believe in Me.
  • Jesus said I am preparing a place for you. You have an eternal home with Him. You won’t be left alone
  • I will come again to bring you home.
  • I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, I am the only way to know God the Father.

If you are worried about death for yourself or a loved one, the only way to have peace like Jacob is to place your full trust in the promises of the God of Jacob.

If you’ve never trusted in Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel, the Son of God, as your Savior won’t you do that today? Come talk to me after the service.