Descendants & Divisions

Scripture: Genesis 29:31-35 and 30:1-443

5 Encouragements for Blended Families

(These are also good for dealing with many family problems)

Is your family already blended? You’ll appreciate these reminders from Ron Deal from Family Life ministries. I encourage you to peruse his ministry website, where you’ll find extra resources.

  1. SLOW your expectations of how quickly your blended family will harmonize. Deal says, “The average step family needs between five to seven years to form a family identity. In movies, love between adults and bonding with children happens quickly; in real life, it happens gradually.” Focus on heart change not external obedience.
  2. INVEST in your marriage relationship. It is the the new foundation for your home. Your children will find stability when the two of you are more solid.
  3. BE a united parental team while building relationships with stepchildren. What about discipline? Deal urges, “Early on, biological parents should continue to be the primary disciplinarian to their children while stepparents build relationship, trust, and respect with stepchildren.”
  4. AVOID common pitfalls. For example, a child who says, “You’re not my mom, I don’t have to listen to you” is telling you about their sadness that mom isn’t here. Also, keep some holiday traditions while creating new ones. Money matters can be confusing too. Calmly discuss how you will balance your responsibilities to previous individual financial obligations (such as paying child support) while combining assets for the new family.
  5. STEP UP your faith. Spiritual resources help everyone in blended families find grace for each other and strength for the journey. PRAY together every day! Make church part of your family growth and unity.


Marriage Boosters:

A Weekend to Remember by Family Life.

Habits of a Healthy Marriage Conference at FBC on April 5-6.

HELP! – If you could use some compassionate help with your family, your marriage, or life in general – we offer free biblical counseling at FBC. Learn more HERE.

Key Questions for Trials

Our starting point with any trial should be to prayerfully ask some key questions:

  1. Is this problem caused by me and my sin?
  2. Is it caused by someone else’s sin towards me?
  3. Is it due to the fallen nature of our world (e.g. sickness, disease)?
  4. Or is it maybe something God has allowed to test my faith and for my spiritual growth? (see James 1:2-4)

(Note: the first two are not necessarily applicable to infertility)

More Key Questions when facing Trials

  • Is my response glorifying God?
  • Are my attitudes towards God and others right?
  • Do I believe God’s plan is best?

Take Aways

The church is described as a body with complementary parts that should help each other. The family should act the same way.

1 Corinthians 12:23-26

  • Don’t allow division and bitterness.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Care for each other.
  • Rejoice with others blessings.
  • Have compassion as others suffer.
  • Trust God for what He gives you and how He chooses to bless you

When you face struggles in your life, instead of focusing on getting rid of the problems, prayerfully ask God for strength and endurance to glorify Him through them.