Scripture: Mark 3:7-21

The most significant contribution we make in life, is the passing of our faith to the next generation.

The Crowd

Jesus was being pressured by the volume of people so he told his disciples to have a boat ready just in case he needed to make a quick escape. This is like saying leave the motor running! He was physically in danger of being mobbed. The sick were trying to touch him and be healed and the demon possessed were falling at his feet screaming out “You are the Son of God.” There was an ancient belief that naming and stating the name of a spiritual being out loud made that spirit obey you. Of course we know the demons were powerless in the presence of Jesus and he ordered them to stop shouting. It’s also likely that he wanted his miracles and his message of the Gospel to proclaim his mission as Messiah and Son of God – not the screaming of evil spirits.
Do you ever feel pressured by the people around you? By the things they want you to do for them? By all the things you think you have to do? By the things you want to do but don’t seem able to accomplish? Jesus knows and understands your pressure. He cares about what you are doing and how you respond to the pressure? Are you glorifying God?
So under this enormous physical, emotional, and spiritual pressure, what does Jesus do?
Jesus did three important things. If you are his disciple and want to learn from Him and live as he did they are three things that are important for you too.
1. He got away from it all
2. He prayed.
3. He shared the ministry.

The Crew

Jesus called twelve men to be His closest disciples – the Apostles.


Jesus calls us. We don’t choose him.
Disciples have to come and make a commitment

Take Aways

  • Are you part of the crowd or in the crew? – Have you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior?
  • Are you committed to preach and serve others in Jesus’ name?