Scripture: Genesis 13

Have you been to a crossroad in your life? Choosing between right and wrong? Between godliness and sinfulness? Between diligence and pleasure? It’s not just big decisions, but really every choice we make through the day. Are you choosing to follow God or to please yourself?

Do you ask God for direction? Do you read His Word so you know His will? When you don’t know that to do, do you seek out godly counsel from mature believers?

This morning in the book of Genesis, Abraham and Lot came to a crossroads and each of their choices had dramatically different outcomes. Often the decisions we face seem small and of little consequence, but without including God in our choices, we can easily start down a path with a terrible ending.

Biblical Decision Making using Y Chart

Making Biblical Choices

So how do we make the right choice when we are at the crossroads in life? Or how should we make any choices big or little?

So in order to glorify God with our choices, believers must be disciplined

1) to align our hearts toward God through Scripture and prayer

2) take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ

3) make our decisions based on His Truth & commands
4) make the hard choice of pleasing God instead of myself – putting Jesus on the throne of our lives

5) continuously do this so that it becomes habitual to think of how to please and glorify God

When we face crossroads and other choices in our daily lives – the outcome of obedient living will be peace, hope and joy that come from choosing the right road.