Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11


Source of Gifts

Pagan religions were seeking ecstasy.

God is the giver of all good gifts.
James 1:16-17

“True spiritual gifts are given by God to strengthen and manifest oneness, harmony, and power. Satan’s counterfeit gifts are meant to divide, disrupt, and weaken. God’s gifts build up; Satan’s tear down.”

– Pastor John MacArthur
  • Gifts – 1 Peter 4:11
  • Services – Mark 10:45
  • Activities

Variety of Gifts

Speaking Gifts
* Wisdom
* Knowledge
* Prophecy
* Various kinds of tongues (languages)
* Interpretation of tongues (languages)

Serving Gifts
* Faith
* Healing
* Working of miracles
* Distinguishing between spirits

Purpose of Gifts

Sympheron – common good; mutually beneficial, good, profitable, helpful, bringing together

1 Peter 4:10 – serve each one another

Take Aways

John MacArthur pointed out these eight evidences that the Spirit of God is ruling and empowering a church. Where does our church need to improve? Where do you need to ask God to help you obey?
  1. Unity of the mission of the church
  2. ‌A deep and honest fellowship
  3. Genuine, God-centered worship
  4. ‌Evangelism is the top priority
  5. Selfless and sacrificial love
  6. ‌Believing and obedient to the Word of God
  7. ‌Willing submission to Jesus as Lord.
  8. ‌A church full of ministers who serve each other