Christmas Playlist – Track 1: Mary’s Song

Scripture: Luke 1:26-56

Over the next four weeks of advent – or waiting, we will explore a Christmas Playlist from the familiar Gospel of Luke. While these four songs may not be one’s we regularly sing, they are meant to change us as they help us answer four important questions about Christmas. Today in Mary’s song we will ask What is God like? In Zechariah’s song we will ask Why do you need God? In Simeon’s song we will ask How did God come? And in Simeon’s song, How did God do it?

If you pull out the insert in your bulletin, you can jot down some thought as we go along. If you’re watching on-line today, you can find the notes at

What is God like?

Imagine you had an experience that helped everything click into place. You were no longer guessing, but you really knew if he existed and what he is like.

That’s just what happened to Mary at the beginning of the Nativity narrative and she was so impacted that she sang the very first Christmas carol. It’s about ordinary the meeting the extraordinary. The very natural experiencing the supernatural.

He is Mindful of Me

Verse 48 in the NIV says He has been is mindful of the humble state of his servant. In ESV, it reads, He has looked on me. God sees me. Do you ever feel unseen, unnoticed?

You are not unseen or unknown. God thinks about you. He sees you. He knows your life. This humble girl will be remembered and called blessed by generations to come.

He is Mindful of Us

God is mindful of us. He cares about his creation and he keeps his promises.

The Son is Given

Jesus came to show us what God is like as He lived his life. But even before he came, God revealed great truths about himself to Mary and to us.

God knows you.

God cares about you.

God makes promises to you.

God acts to help you.

The great, almighty, holy, all powerful God is not isolated and removed from us. His greatness is revealed in his intimacy.

God is mighty over us.

He shows mercy to those who fear him.

He has scattered the proud

He has brought down rulers from their thrones

He sends the rich away empty as he fills up the hungry.

God is mindful of us and more mighty than us.

Will you see that a relationship with God is not just to make you feel good about yourself. It’s not about fitting God into your preferences and priorities. It’s about seeing God as mighty and holy and seeing yourself as small and needy.

Again the good news is that God is mindful of you – He sees you, He knows you. And He is way mightier than you are. Only He can save you. And He promised to fill the hungry with good things. Only he can bring you real hope, real peace, real joy, and true all-fulfilling love.

When Mary encountered God’s messenger and heard what he said, her response was to break out in song and rejoice that God is all-caring and all-powerful. He is mighty to save.

Have you recognized your sin and failures and know that you can’t do it all on your own? Have you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior?

If you have, have you submitted to God’s will and purpose for your life? Do you live to praise and honor Him as Mary did?